Fast and homogeneous heating of plastics by NIR


How to heat?

For the hot forming of metallic components, induction technology is used as heating technology. NIR technology represents a similarly efficient type of heating. A typical application is the heating of PET preforms for stretch blow moulding PET bottles.


NIR technology is used to generate extremely short-wave and high-energy radiation in the visible light range, which can be used to heat plastics directly in volume. Plastics have a line absorption spectrum. This means that the energy is not absorbed directly at the surface, but in the entire volume of the plastic body. The advantage is that you are not limited by the amount of energy applied. Other heating systems such as burners or extremely hot air would destroy the plastic on the surface. In order to achieve a good degree of efficiency with the NIR technology, however, reflectors are used as opposed to reflectors. As a result, the light rays are guided through the component and the efficiency is significantly increased. Typical applications here are the production of PET bottles, the thermoforming of blister packs, the thermoforming of large plastic sheets of dashboards.

Application range

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