ThermProTEC GmbH

The company ThermProTEC GmbH was founded in 2011 and is engaged in the development of industrial processes with thermal effects in different industries. We have access to an extensive technology portfolio, which is optimally adaptable for the essential processes. With us you get everything, from the process development up to the turnkey production plant.

The ThermProTEC spectrum includes the following ranges:

  • Process development
  • Design and planning of plants including construction, electrical planning and programming
  • Production and commissioning of the systems
  • Commissioning and training at the customer
  • Aftersales Service.

ThermProTEC’s customers are located all over the world from America to Japan, with the majority of sales realized in Europe and China. The main applications are in the automotive and chain manufacturing industries. As a rule, attention is paid to horizontal integration. Several different systems for different manufacturing processes are always developed and offered. ThermProTEC is therefore your competent partner for processes and plants. ThermProTEC only employs highly qualified staff and has a network of freelancers who support you with assembly capacities.



  • 2019

    Active marketing of the new product lines and development of the modular manufacturing system

  • 2017

    SOP (Start of Production) of the new production lines for stabilizers (bonding and tempering) worldwide

  • 2016

    First installation of systems for local thermal bonding of stabilizers and introduction of a new hardening process for stabilizers based on conduction heating with smart leveling function Water-based quenching system

  • 2015

    First production facilities for stabilizers in China and Mexico

  • 2014

    Establishment of products for the Chinese market in the field of mining chains

    Entrance into the automotive industry with application for stabilizers and hardening machines for steering systems

  • 2013

    Completion of the chain portfolio with the possibility of mapping the entire process

  • 2012

    Entry into chain production

  • 2011

    foundation with focus on inductive heating systems for forging